Merino Wool Yar


Merino wool comes only from a special breed of sheeps called Merino
Merino wool is even softer and finer than a lambswool,
because it has a much smaller diameter, which is measured in microns. Merino wool usually has around 20micorns.
Merino wool can be sourced from sheeps at any age, 
while lambswool comes from a sheeps at their first shearing.

Our MERINO Wool is very soft, made to high quality standards.


During production process, the wool has been washed only in a soap and coloured in a natural dyes from a certificated sources.

Its final form is a result of several stages like carding, real spinning and twisting.


100% natural fibre from European suppliers


Wool can be used in projects like:

  • giant needle knitting (needles 3.5-4cm)
  • arm knitting projects
  • wet felting
  • needle felting
  • weaving.


Merino Wool Specifics:



Fibre wide 55-65mm


1meter = 25grams

0.5kg (500grams) it's about 20meters

1 stitch made on hand is about 2 inches long = 5cm
2 stitches = 10cm


Usage examples:

Plus size scarf — 1 kg (2.2 lb)
Blanket 30*50 inches — 2 kg (4.4 lb)
Blanket 48*48 inches — 3 kg (6.6 lb)
Blanket 58*58 inches — 4 kg (8.8 lb)
Blanket 64*80 inches — 6 kg (13.2 lb)



Many different colours and sizes available


Biggest continuous ball available has 4.7kg


***If you buy a few items from the same colour, you'll get them as a one ball for total weight you bought***

For example if you buy 5x 50grams, you'll get a one ball for 250grams

So please don't be surprised when you bought 5 but you get 1ball.




Worsted wool may slightly shred and can have a wooly/animal smell at the beginning.

Do not stretch or pull strongly as it might rip or damage your yarn.


Colours on the pictures may slightly vary depends on your screen settings


Any questions, please ask :)

MERINO Wool - Dark Grey

  • Please note!

    Wool is a natural fibre and has its own natural shade. You may notice variance in the yarn shade when you re-order the same colour as it might come from a two different production batches, so please make sure you buy enought wool to finish your project.